• Os membros dos Team Another View desejam a toda a comunidade um Feliz Natal e um Ano Novo cheio de paz e harmonia.
  • Overwatch

    Overwatch™ é o novo "first-person shooter" multijogador da Blizzard Entertainment. O jogo enfatiza a jogabilidade cooperativa usando um elenco de vários heróis, cada um com as suas habilidades. Estaremos atentos às novidades!
  • Battlefield 1

    "Escolhemos o nome Battlefield 1 porque é o verdadeiro amanhecer da guerra moderna,"... Daniel Berlin - designer chefe da DICE. Battlefield 1 será lançado em todo o mundo no dia 21 de Outubro na PS4, Xbox One e PC. Vamos esperar para vêr o que isto dá...
  • League of Legends

    A Team Another View apresenta a nossa mais recente contratação, a equipa de League of Legends que irá representar as nossas cores já nos próximos eventos offline a realizar em Portugal.
  • CS:GO

    A Team Another View aventura-se no Counter Strike Global Offensive, A comunidade aView pretende expandir-se por mares nunca explorados...
The Team Another View is a small Portuguese speaking online gaming community, founded on the 1st of March of 2002 by Portugal KORG and Cyber. Originally created with the purpose of uniting a few youngsters from the city of Aveiro, bounded by friendship or family, who gathered to play Spearhead.

But this group of friends opened the doors to the Spearhead community and thus many members entered this family, coming from every corner of Portugal, forming each day a stronger group, coherent and ambitious in its objectives. With the entrance of this clan in the most important international competitions, by participating in an honest, disciplinary and filled with values way, the Portuguese community of Spearhead would be noticed in a different way thereafter, with more respect and recognition. We would say without any kind of false modesty that “we opened many doors that had remained closed to this community “.

Later, on the 14th of November of 2004, the need for new challenges came and thus another division was formed for the game Call of Duty: United Offensive. More recently, on the 29th of August of 2005 and on the 1st of November of 2006, the Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 divisions they had been created. These new divisions would provide the entrance of fresh new blood into the heart of the clan which allowed us not to weaken and would enable us to maintain a good competitive level in two more games and the entrance into two more online gaming communities. These divisions are also the evidence that this clan is more than one game and thus it will not deplete or be limited by the short natural duration of a game.

But in spite of these four years of expansion, increasing the number of clan members and competitive ambition, seeking out new challenges and creating other game divisions, there was something that remained unaltered: the principles and values for which we fight every day of the year. Organization, honesty, teamwork, fair-play, discipline, sense of sacrifice and respect for the fellow man are untouchable values regardless of the moment we live in. With this in mind we follow the old rule “the ends are not justified by the means” and if conquered the status we now possess much was due to these principles.

Some call us too disciplined and severe. Far from it. What this clan has and it’s not common to see around is uncommon organization ability and the demand for respect of the daily effort that many of our members apply in behalf of the clan. In fact all the rules that some call excessive discipline of just the recognition and respect that we treasure for those who work daily for the clan.

But not everything is discipline and work, many of the moments of leisure and to prove it just spend some evenings on our communications server. One of these clan mottos is precisely “there is a time for everything: time to play and time for work, time for fun and time for competition”. If a great part of the time we spend on TeamSpeak is for fun, others are the moments (practice and battles) in which we need seriousness and concentration so we can achieve all our competitive goals.

The Team Another View clan invites you to explore our site and forum and why not, to visit our communication and game servers.

We welcome you to this great family called Team Another View.